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Gainline Financial Partners provides wealth management, investment planning, and comprehensive service to families and business owners. Our team is committed to creating a tailored plan that helps you achieve your financial goals.
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Our vision is to be by your side as a trusted advisor, focused on helping you achieve financial and personal success.
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  • We recognize that always serving our clients' best interests is not only the right thing to do, but also the only way to ensure long-term shared success.
  • We value that by giving our clients respect, care, and our best, we earn their business and friendship.
  • We know that integrity is the cornerstone of professional success and personal happiness.
  • We believe a work environment that promotes personal development, professional development and team effort will help lead to success for all involved.
  • We appreciate that a balanced life is critical to health and well-being.
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The roots of Gainline Financial Partners go back more than 40 years, when Claudia entered the broker training program at Merrill Lynch in Baltimore, MD. She relocated to Boulder, CO in 1980, where she began developing client relationships—many of which we retain today. John joined Claudia in 1997 after a successful career in the technology industry, where he honed the strong analytical and process management skills that he brings to the practice. In 2013, Paul joined the team, bringing his expertise in banking and asset management.

Seeking a more personalized and client centric approach, Claudia, John, and Paul formed Barkmeier Financial Consulting Group in 2016. In 2018 we rebranded as Gainline Financial Partners, and Sonya joined us as Operations Manager, bringing 20 years of financial services experience. Charlie followed in 2019 after nearly five years working in finance and strategy at a Fortune 500 company.